Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kayaking in Laem Phra Nang

Kayaking in southern Thailand: an amazing, unforgettable experience, despite the touristy packaging and the tour guide who had just a tad too much vivacious bonhomie.

Lagoons that reminded me of cathedrals, haunting mangrove forests, impressive karst mountains...this was a seriously cool place. Here's a short video I took (very shaky, since I had to paddle while holding the camera):

Here's a cave:

And and big rock wall:

And a mangrove forest:

Ok, enough of the badly-taken pictures. You get the point -- I had a good time. :)

EXCEPT, I paddled thru a cloud of mosquitoes at one point, nearing panicking when I saw them flying slowly towards me. I had on some ultra-strong insect repellent (the stuff where the DEET % is so high, it starts making your skin burn and eating thru your synthetic clothes), but the mosquitoes didn't care. I think I got about 20 bites on my arms and legs in about 5 minutes before getting the hell out of dodge.

(Tip: the easiest way to escape a cloud of mosquitoes in a slow-moving kayak is to be a douchebag and paddle close to a group of your companions in the hope that their warm, delicious bodies will draw off some of the swarm.)


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